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"Sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That's what sin is." - Granny Weatherwax

I'll post some of my favorite quotes since it was his birthday today.

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Ahoy! Wanna read yet another ?

I'm a software developer usually living in Berlin. Trying to switch to neuroscience though. Because I like neuroscience. And philosophy, psychology, languages. Mind stuff, basically.

Also, I watch PBS Space Time.

And I love Terry Pratchett & Discworld.

So, that's me I guess. Phew!

Bad T-Shirt idea: it's like "I am with stupid ->" but it says "I am with autism" instead and points towards my head I guess?

Watching Lazslo do therapy. And he's actually... kinda good?

I wanna be whoever was singing meow meow happy birthday as Jaspersprite for Voxus's Let's Read

I'm officially into now. And I'm absolutely in love with Terezi. Is that normal?

Started reading Hume's Enquiry, saw this:
"Addison, perhaps, will be read with pleasure, when Locke shall be entirely forgotten"
Who tf is Addison?

soo what if electrons are like tiny little black holes?
or rather, singularities with no event horizon?

I took a computer-aided hearing test when I was a kid. Doc said "When I press this key, start listening. Press it yourself when you can no longer hear the computer"
So I say ok. He presses the key. I hear a beep. Becomes less audible and then goes away. But do I press the key? No! Because I can still "hear the computer": The electrical buzzing!

After an awkward amount of time he went mad like WTH U WAITIN FOR THERE'S NO SOUND ANYMORE!!

feels like an experiment on how to manipulate binge watching behaviour
Season 4: "are they still gonna watch the same thing if we make 1hr+ episodes?

Russian Doll is the most precious piece of art on Netflix.
BoJack Horseman is a close second.

re: trauma, russian doll 

I've been dealing with my childhood trauma for the last 2 years. now I'm thinking maybe it was Russian Doll that triggered this process of healing, somehow? idk maybe not but kinda makes sense.
ok gonna rewatch S2 now :kittyfacecat:

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trauma, russian doll 

After watching I realized I don't remember anything about season 1. So I rewatched it. Fuck. Now I know why I didn't remember.
Trauma triggers make me forget shit if I'm not ready.
Good thing is, I am now.

first time I go to the office after 2 years and I get an email saying someone tested positive. feeling lucky I guess?

I've been working from home since March 2020 but only recently started working remotely ie away from home. it's great. dunno why I haven't done it earlier

Hallo, ich bin Pere, die Petersilie. Ich bin noch ganz klein und wachse hier so vor mich hin. Und ich wollte mal schauen, was hier im Fediverse so los ist.

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