Will I be around to see it? Maybe. If I don't die in a detention camp.

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Gonna be a long wait to see the aggressors destroy themselves.

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How to cope with severe existential angst and mental anguish brought on by human rights violating right wing terrorists for political leaders

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Got a spin for @amitmalviya@twitter.com @PiyushGoyal@twitter.com & their @rahulkanwal@twitter.com @gauravcsawant@twitter.com @anjanaomkashyap@twitter.com @bhupendrachaube@twitter.com @punitgoenka@twitter.com @sudhirchaudhary@twitter.com @navikakumar@twitter.com @aroonpurie@twitter.com:
#Modi deliberately slowing down #IndianEconomy, so illegal migrants stop finding #NewIndia attractive😉

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IndianNazis vs. we the people of India officially begins. twitter.com/ShivAroor/status/1

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Tricolour flying high at #JamaMasjid with the slogans of "Bharat Maata ki jai"

@narendramodi@twitter.com you just cannot divide this nation.

#IndiaAgainstCAA #CAA_NRC_Protests

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SubodhKantSahai/st

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Modiji, Nirmala ji please pay attention, all is not well. Ditch the hate politics & diversionary tactics & focus on fixing what you have destroyed.
India's growth is already at a 7 year low & IMF is downgrading it further.

#GirtiEconomyJaltaBharat t.co/oOYKOAeYDN

🐦🔗: twitter.com/INCIndia/status/12

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Glad that @chetan_bhagat@twitter.com has seen the light: the truth of a government that makes mistake after mistake but never admits that it’s wrong. I call on all those who were misled into supporting BJP for the sake of development to realise its real agenda is Hindu Rashtra. Pls recant! twitter.com/chetan_bhagat/stat

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It's 2019 and you're still telling me
''Don't lose friends over politics. Not all BJP supporters are haters and many of them voted for development"

Do you really want me to believe that they voted for Pragya Thakur for development ?

FO guys, I'm not buying your bs.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Ssaniya25/status/1

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I was a student in Germany. German students are taught about the crimes committed by their country, about equality and freedom, civic responsibility and more about the caste system than Indians are. Proud of Jakob Lindenthal. This is what I want for my country. Indian children 1/ twitter.com/ChintaBAR/status/1

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Red_Pastures/statu

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Hopefully, the German media will cover how the 24-year-old German student has been asked to leave India for taking part in the protest against CAA, and how India under Narendra Damodardas Modi continues its journey towards becoming what Germany was under Adolf Hitler.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/free_thinker/statu

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If anyone doubted whether the BJP government was capable of genocide, the reports coming from UP should put that to rest. Cops entered houses of Muslims who weren’t even protesting to attack and ransack. The UP police is a communal militia at the moment. #IndiaAgainstCAA_NRC

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PM Modi says there are no detention centres in India. Here is one in BJP ruled Karnataka. thenewsminute.com/article/nrc-

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There are videos of Police throwing bricks from roof tops at peaceful processions. There are videos showing them breaking up cars and motorcycles. There are videos showing them lathi charging totally peaceful processions. They have become vandals & looters twitter.com/RanaAyyub/status/1

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India's finally staring down a dark hole.

For some, the citizenship amendment Bill finally puts Muslims in their place. They will couch it's justification in many ways to hide the essential fact -- that it is a violation of the basic tenets of the Indian constitution.

But to them, the Constitutional never mattered. What matters is a chance to other fellow citizens. What they don't realise is that they are now mere tools in a political power game.

My column


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What's going on in Jamia? Can anyone explain what the cops are doing with the bus here?

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