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Tried to sleep at 1 am (way sooner than what I'm used too, lol)
Woke up at 4am ;-;
And ofc now I can't sleep again at all

I think I'll stay up and take a walk later
Maybe I'll buy some cigarettes too because why tf not

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Update on the russian group:
I regret joining because now they're simping me :akkoglare:

Feeling very emotional for some reason so I'll listen to some music probably
If anyone has some songs to suggest I'll try to check them out :abunhdhappyhop:

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Thanks to the power of technology I got into a russian telegram group and was able to reply to everyone without problems
(I use the nekogram client that lets you translate messages on the spot)
A russian guy didn't believe I was italian and thought I was a russian person trying to lie for whatever reason lol

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cooking it rn
I'll add some potatoes with onion and some melted cheese + pepper
And I'm adding some beer too :sticker_lain_smug:

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I feel like cooking today
I'll probably make hot dogs for dinner :akko_fingerguns:

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