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anybody else post their entire inner monologue or w/e online while simultaneously hiding their true emotions from people they interact with physically at all times?

Interesting how many Whitest Whites™️​ Karens™️​ begging "I just want the meanness to stop prayeremoji" in defense of the president where 40% of his shtick is being a dick.

Trying to keep up with the news feeds but jfc they post a lot ;.;

@koyu did we give up on the irc or am I the dumb.

Trump 20/20. Southern belle. Friends of the hunley. Confederate daughters. Save our history.

All on one vehicle

So you RACIST racist

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Hi all!

Would appreciate if anyone could help our fellow comrade with obtaining safe accommodation due to the land lord not adhering to the agreed termination date, and evicting her 2 weeks sooner than expected, giving her 48 hours to move out.

🆘🆘> Gofundme link ( <🆘🆘
🆘🆘> Gofundme link ( <🆘🆘
🆘🆘> Gofundme link ( <🆘🆘

Thanks in advance.

In other server noob news I accidentally in a share moved a folder full of TB of data to another folder by misclicking in the windows file interface, breaking everything, and didn't realize for days. ;.;

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TERF is not a slur. It actually is an annoyingly respectful term used to refer blatant transphobes. If you hate trans people, you aren't a feminist.

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anyways a reminder that forced sterilization is happening now to immigrants in ice detention centers and we are pretty much doing nothing about it

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Considering the end user. It's disingenuous for Microsoft teams to say that you can paste into a field and there is no right click menu for that field when there is a right click menu for other fields in the software. Yes control v works but many users still don't know about keyboard shortcuts lol

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@seek @subi omg everybody has a right to do that ffs but YOU saying that under a toot that SPECIFICALLY addresses perpetuation of Islamophobia IS very centrist of u

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Apparently centrist gatekeepers are everywhere

The power button in my phone is freaking out causing random boot loops :(

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I was talking about how white supremacy is upheld and the teacher was like "don't you mean white privilege" and I'm like ",,,,, I do not"

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Wanna guess the level of productivity of my senior level 7;00-8;00am class?

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