Boy am I bad at personal habits. Specifically utilizing new socials (like whatever you call this one).


What a time to forget about mastodon whoooo

The video games live orchestra and recordings sounds like garbage.

If everyone's so wrapped up in nostalgia that they don't address obvious pitch and tone issues then they need to hire someone who's invested in making a musical product that will stand up on something other than (hurr durr it's an old tune)

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you've been magically whisked away to YA novel land. pick your house allegiance:

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tired of people misusing "science" to make epic gotcha points. so, a rant 

first of all science is not a belief system
there's no bible, you do not take a list of things in a book and have faith that they are the truth. science is not about faith. science isn't even about truth!
science is about doing controlled experiments to develop models of natural processes
the key thing is that everything "science says" is backed by experimental results. science doesn't actually say anything. science doesn't require you to believe in the theory. just that the experiments were carried out as described.
even then, the theory is not objective truth. the theory is a _model_ that helps us predict something that happens based on the previous observations of stuff that happens. nothing in science can ever be proven "true". but that's kind of irrelevant because we don't ask that theories be "true" in the first place. we only ask that theories help us understand and predict the wacky stuff that happens around us. that's the point

Dang our IT and web design department really out here not considering the end user in there design and implementation decisions.

How many clicks do you think these people want to make to access a dashboard that they have to access every period of everyday?

Why would you implement a change that causes a piece of software to automatically run in the background that breaks the testing software... That you had to have known would break the testing software since it's chat software.... The weekend before high stakes testing starts that has a very strict time schedule....

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These beers look WHOAAAHHH
But the white one on the left side is an IPA....... (Indian Pale Ale)... Let's see if it's as bad as the other IPAs I've already tried xd
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honestly this teacher really likes having classes at insane times, although class during holidays is a first
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before you tell me gamer land is good consider this

pick a femme-coded avatar and username
join one of the large channels
tell everyone you're a girl

have fun!!!!!

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white people shut up about racial issues challenge

your opinion is wrong. i don't wanna hear it. literally just do not open your mouth

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but seriously like if your entire politics is based on
here's group X. i hate them, and i believe in anything that is the opposite of a group X position
fuck you. get better politics

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Subtoot, sortof:

I get why there is so much focus on corruption and bigotry and shit in police and 'justice' system.

But my own background is more medically focused and let me tell you if I could tear down the medical complex tomorrow without a ton of people dying from lack of medication/treatment, I would do it without a second thought.

If you think lack of insurance/coverage is the main problem, you have no fucking clue how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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trump took out a full page ad in the NYT saying 5 black and brown boys should be executed for a crime they didn't commit so I'm ok wishing death upon him

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Hello, Koyu Space! I chose this instance, since "koyu" means "dark" in my native language

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Finally some positive news out of the White House.

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one reason I'm good at improv: i'm very well acquainted with how good tired me is at free association in unique and interesting ways

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Am I the only one who thinks that TL;DR: should be at the *start* or a post?
-Forvalaka, Dec 2015

Imagine being white and privileged such that you can, without fear, choose to not vote because the outcome will likely not have a net effect on you.

"I dOnT lIkE EiThEr CaNdiDaTe I reFuSe tO pIcK ThE LeSsEr oF tWo EvIlS"

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