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yeah i get pissed about this but i remember how many people openly celebrated hurricane katrina as LOL SERVES THEM RIGHT FOR BEING UHHHH FUCKIN RACIST LOOOOL

don't claim you're against racism while cheering the deaths of PoC. i feel like this is so 'how to not be a shit person 101' that even my lily-white wonderbread mayonnaise-blooded ass gets this. so if you call yourself a leftist or interested in equality, step the fuck up to the bare fucking minimum or go the fuck home, you ain't helping.

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anyway there's my being mad for this evening done

anyone who promotes bold takes like "lmao just nuke atlanta the south is all shit", and "if sherman just burned 'em all down harder we wouldn't have racism now lol", is not my fucking comrade. it's also not a new neato anti-racism take to declare that the states with the largest populations of PoC should fuck off and die. not to mention, if you look down your nose at redneck trailer trash, you ain't my comrade, either.

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@subi @freakazoid @gatewave I'm a mod on a Blender 3D discord server. Pinning is the only real option for repetitive questions and those are limited. 99% of the users are lazy and don't even search google. I think it's harkening to a closed web. Everyone opens an APP not a website anymore. They don't even use computers. Most of them use Discord on their phones while using Blender 3D on their computers. It rages me when they post photos of their screen with their camera phone.

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Tennis is just "no, you hang up first" but with a ball.

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@subi I absolutely hate video tutorials over quick write ups. What could be written in a paragraph, which takes me less than a minute to read, is instead a 5 minute video. Hard Pass!

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It's funny how only the people that don't care about reducing harm in online spaces are always frothing about ECHO CHAMBERS.

If keeping abusers, racists, sexists, etc in the conversation counts as *diversity* to you, then you're probably one of them, champ.

It is a very low bar to ask common respect and decency in our exchanges.

If you feel CENSORED by that, you're just an asshole.

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the story of tonight from hamilton is just a shittier version of drink with me from les mis

My work attitude has two settings;

1. I'm a boss bitch
2. Oh god what am I doing jfc

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becoming more online to cope with how too online i am

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Just because it's there.

I'll be like "I'm not doing anything right now... might as well drink from the fountain of awesomeness."

So at a yardsale the other month I picked up a hot/cold water dispenser that pumps from one of those big water bottles.

My water and tea consumption has gone up like 432 million percent

What is the philosophy/use behind a single-user instance of mastodon? (Or Pleroma which I just learned about literally 45 seconds ago)

I would put green tea leaves in it and fill it throughout the day (hot water dispensers around campus)

I have determined that I need the tea thermos/tumbler that I toted around in college back in my life.

Grudgingly returning to work after a break.

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Learning to play and improvise over the jazz classics at the moment. I keep waking up at 4 AM every night and I use this as a time to teach my fingers how to walk the keys in ways that give me the maximum amount of goosebumps.

I need/want to streamline my news/story/interesting shtuff intake process.

I currently have a Feedly account and I mostly just passively scroll through it until there are so many articles logged and I pass them all off as read.

Anyone have a good workflow for this kind of thing?

People who paint over cabinet hinges and their screws are frustrating, to put it diplomatically.

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