How many browser extensions/add-ons do you have? :blobcatgiggle:

@strawberryfieldsforever I thought less, but actually it's nine.
I have uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, Bitwarden, Snowflake (Tor Proxy), Mastodon Simplified Federation, Dark Reader, Tab Reloader and WhatFont installed.

I thought it was more like 3 but well. :blobcatshrug:

i have 8:
ublock, privacy possum, privacy badger, auto-cookie-delete, trocker, privacy redirect, firefox containers, Mailvelope! :blobcatgiggle:

@strawberryfieldsforever Wow. I have more than I thought (Firefox):

Bypass Paywalls
FoxyProxy Standard
Invidioucious (I redirect Youtube to Yewtube)
Linkding Extension (I host my own Linkding bookmark server instance)
Reddit Enchancement Suite (I never use Reddit, but when I do, I want to use the old layout)
Save Image in Folder
Tab List Board
Tree Style Tab
uBlock Origin
Video DownloadHelper

wow, that's a lot! 😁

might I recommend a replacement for Invidiocious called privacy redirect?
it works not just for youtube-->Invidious, but also with alternative front-ends for Twitter, Instagram, reddit, google search, google translate, and a few more! :blobcatgiggle:

@strawberryfieldsforever I've heard of that one! I was surprised there were open source reddit front ends back when I learned about it.

I kinda want to sent up my own nitter and possible one of the reddit filters .. will take a look. Thanks!

It's such a natural slip, reckon we have all done similar.
In fact, we nearly didn't notice when responding 😀

@strawberryfieldsforever ublock origin, easyscreenshot, disable javascript, cookie quick manager

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