An important browser extension!

Privacy Redirect: automatically redirects sites to alternative front-ends!

Works with YouTube- Invidious, Piped;
Twitter- Nitter;
Instagram- Bibliogram;
Reddit- Libreddit;
Google Translate, etc.

You can set it to choose a random instance, or choose a default one, or add a custom instance!
It works just like the Untrack Me app on F-Droid! (

Firefox link:

Chromium link:

Enjoy! 😊

@strawberryfieldsforever thank you very much, my friend. Coincidentally, apparently I already had Privacy Redirect!

Such an amazing extension, more people need to know about this:)

ah, yes,
with this, we aren't given an option to visit the original site!

@strawberryfieldsforever I just need the opposite director as an Tusky feature and Firefox AddOn to redirect those URLs back to the original.
Does this exist at least?

It can also open YT-links in freetube which is YT-client for desktop.
@GoodFella indeed. It's more reliable than mist invidious instances.
Btw ft developer is also on mastodon @PrestonFT

Minis are my fav! ☺️
they are comfy, of the perfect size, and cute! :blobcatgiggle:

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