Anyone know a good app for encrypting/hiding pictures on my Android phone? 🀭 πŸ˜ƒ
Something like a vault!

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How do I import files into it, mate?
It's asking me to create some containers! 😁


The way it works is that you create a container that then gets a file system created inside it and gets mounted like a partition. Then you can move/copy files inside this container...

Not the most straight forward solution i guess. It works like Trucrypt or Veracrypt on the desktop which is why i had used it for my existing containers

Ok! I created one container!
The only way I could import an image is by opening an image in my gallery app, clicking on the share button, and selecting EDS lite app! 😁

@strawberryfieldsforever ya now that i think about it more i remember it being a little odd to get files into...
@strawberryfieldsforever i think the pro version makes that more straight forward but i'm not sure. Never needed it much or for long so lite was enough and for me it was more about getting files out not in

The files can be opened through the app too, and then we need to copy the files, and paste them into the containers! πŸ˜ƒ

@strawberryfieldsforever use a file explorer and create a folder named ".hidden" and place them in that folder, just like you would do on a Linux machine.
Another option would be to create a normal folder, create an empty text file into that directory and then delete the filename of the text file and change the extension to ".nomedia", that will keep Android from indexing any photos, videos, etc. that are contained in that directory. You could also use a root explorer to search ".nomedia" and just copy that file into any directory you want hidden and unindexed.
@strawberryfieldsforever the ".nomedia" file in the folder containing what you want hidden is what a lot of paid "hidden picture vault" apps do to hide images and videos.
@strawberryfieldsforever yes, you can do it yourself. If you download LeafPic from F-Droid that will also allow you to ignore certain directories but other apps would still index them. I guess it depends on how hidden you weren't things.
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