@strawberryfieldsforever i remember a trick he said he used: he'd run the tape recorder a bit slow. when you do that, the voices you record will, upon running the tape at normal speed, sound higher pitch yet in tune with the song, and as he said it, this produces more "angelic" voices.

also, a common technique for people who make music using tech, i.e. studio equipment, or computers, is to slow down the playback to do the difficult parts. this has the side effect of improving the timing. timing mistakes become less apparent if the tape runs slow since any timing error you make will be reduced.

Microsoft: Makes a terminal and package manager.
Linux nerds: See? We were right!

@strawberryfieldsforever Jan, pronounced like American English "yawn", is the most common male name in Norway. most common last name is Johansen. so the most average dude here would be named Jan Johansen. they actually made a TV show about people named that.

Hey! Even if others don't see the effort you, my sweetheart, put in things, know that I do see and appreciate it.

Always hire a rich attorney. Never buy from a rich salesman. -- Goldenstern

I have spent a lot of time working on my emacs configuration, it has a lot of things. I love it :3

@strawberryfieldsforever My understanding is that a lot of the advice around eye strain is rhetoric. The "computer glasses" I've seen described are simply polarising lenses, which block light from certain angles. Entirely nonsensical from a "strain" POV. Focusing at closer range doesn't wear out or strain the eyes, the lens is just held by a set of tiny muscles, they don't really care at what position they hold the lens.

Do Computer glasses really help?
Does it reduce the strain on the eyes?

Wenn Cookie sagt, dass Papaβ€˜s Platz auf dem Sofa nun ihm gehΓΆrt, dann ist das Gesetz ☝🏼 schließlich hat er nicht umsonst das Kissen in die richtige Position gebracht 😎

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