Just watched two episodes of "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" and I absolutely love it. I love the direction that the story takes. Still, I want to watch the rest of the original "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" to its end for continuity.

Take this as a πŸ‘ πŸ‘ from a MotU fan from very early days. πŸ’―

#MastersOfTheUniverseRevelation #MastersOfTheUniverse #HeMan

Does activity pub have _something_ like a PuSH server in it ? It used to be called PubSubHubBub in the olden days.

I mean.. I subscribe to peoples feeds (outboxes ?)
and when they have something new, I get a ping , to tell me to go fetch the new content ?

Is it like that ?

If so, what is the process in Mastodon ?

I've been looking at the docs but obviously don't understand them

Note: Russian cats are banned for competing in Cat Olymics due to the use of catnip dopants and unfriendliness of the Russian Cat Republic

I joined here on March 23rd 2021, almost half a year ago.
5 months already, time flies.
I remember my first follower, and it was @stux.
And now, I have 31 followers.
@calculsoberic @strawberryfieldsforever@koyu.space @strawberryfieldsforever Thank you guys. :)

I want to write a #programming book that is fully open source and version controlled. I'm not convinced #markdown is up to the task I have in mind. Are there any good #documentation hosting sites that fully support #ASCIIDoc?

I'm looking for something not unlike #readthedocs β€” which is markdown driven β€” but powered by ASCIIDoc. Suggestions?


You share your concerns. We find answers.

In 2012, people told us that the fear of loosing the guarantee prevented them for flashing their phones.

We contacted lawyers and found out that the 2 years #guarantee is secured.


fsfe.org/activities/android/fl πŸ“Έ by Alexander London

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