Some thoughts on the Canadian political landscape and why populism is a problem... (spoiler: hate is bad and people are being used)

US politics 

The US stare decisis and system (and why it is not just about )

because sometimes the quiet is all you need. this one is called rainfall on jupiter. in the hope that it helps

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Hi #Fediverse I am tooting to update you on the latest tech of mass #surveillance employed in real life in #China.

1/ when you take a bus and you mostly use Wechat or other methods to pay the fair. The machine on the bus can automatically know whether your #covid test(NAT) result expires or not, and it broadcasts aloud to the whole cart of the bus. (you are not allowed to take bus if your covid test being taken 48 or 72 hrs earlier)

and many local citizens welcome this as this is convenient.

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So I made this little tune... (I used Logic Pro)... I call it "spring" and it's the latest of several little things I make for my teaching materials. I'd love to hear your thoughts...

If you want to use it, you can: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Jeez, oh for an edit button! 🤣 thanks Max (who is Hans?!)

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Okay so lying in bed listening to music. Tonight Max Richter’s recomposition of four seasons and listening to Spring 1 thinking to myself how absolutely incredible it would have been to be the first orchestra to see and play this, in all its conplexity and beauty. I’m sure I would have been in tears of joy. I am anyway. Really, aren’t human beings so capable of wonders, and isn’t this a reason to try to keep them existing? ❤️ number 1 (thanks Hans, thanks Antonio)

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Quick note before I lay me down to sleep, which I am sure very few peeps will read. The first thing is that The Princess Bride is quite possibly the best movie ever made, and the second is that, whilst I really only ever did the birdsite as social media and nothing else, I am feeling so welcome here. In other words, the is not social media at all, just social. And you are all wonderful.

I just deleted pretty much all my birdsite messages. It feels rather refreshing.

New tires (tyres) on Hot Fuzz, Dunlop Adventure Mission… look pretty badass and ready for the trails!

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A figure skating
rink is an ice rink designed
for figure skating

So, looking for a supportive instance for - if you have a recommendation please let me know!

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