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Is your open source project still using Slack for its community? Consider:

Mozilla has migrated their chat to Matrix:

Mattermost now offers hosted service with special pricing for OSS projects:

There are probably even more I'm not aware of.

There are good Free options now. Time to get out of the proprietary SaaS lock-in.

Sleep does not come because sleep does not will it

Everyone give me your favorite RSS/Atom feeds, I want to populate my reader more

All the ones I can find are either CLI-based (so no pictures), Electron-based (ew), or missing features such as Federated Timeilne

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I'm sad that there's basically no good mastodon clients for Linux

there is no greater feeling of despair than Panera Bread being closed when google maps says it should be open

The trouble users had yesterday launching apps on #macOS isn't just a technical problem, but a moral one. Operating systems should service their users, not phone home to a corporation to see if they're "permitted" to run the program. #Apple

I have 4 or 5 different sites running off the same server, which is not bad for $2.50/month

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A misunderstanding is circulating that the GNU Project demands you run 100% free software, all the time. Anything less (90%?), and we will tell you to get lost—they say. Nothing could be further from the truth. #gnu #freesw #linux

From birdsite 


Can you imagine the *First Lady of the United States* telling you to just read the syllabus for heavens sake please just read it I’m begging you it has the answer to everything you’re asking me


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