starting to rewrite all my Rust programs into Erlang

I've never had `poweroff` return an error message before. This is a new one!

Rejecting a high-paying job offer is probably one of the strangest experiences I've had so far

All of this because of Rust's ridiculous compilation times lmao

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Of the 381 (out of 400 allowed) minutes I've used since January 1, 366 of them are from this one project

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Ironic that I'm exhausting my GitLab CI minutes by trying to set up faster-running pipelines (and thus running a lot of pipelines to test)

I haven't decided yet if I prefer org-mode to use monospace or variable-width fonts

I've probably put in 10 hours of work now, just doing the equivalent of sed 's/'

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Not to mention various nginx configurations, traefik modules, etc. that needed to be updated on various servers

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For real, the last ≈100 commits in my gitlab history are all related to my changed domain name

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I didn't realize just how many references to my own domain name I had in various projects until I needed to switch domains.

Don't agree to these terms? Stop physically seeing me

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Viewing my physical form comes with an implicit ToS, EULA, cookie waiver, and arbitration agreement

Having lots of fun with Lisp Flavored Erlang

The limit as x approaches ∞ where x is the number of people you hire on Fiver is just machine learning

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