listening to all the nts sessions by autechre

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today i've decided to fulfill my childhood dream of sneaking into a walmart right before it closes and then eating all the stuff in the groceries aisle until it reopens

"b-but there are security cams!" so what i'll hide from them and the guards you can't stop me

at the last minute of the song i thought my headphones broke
(brutally trolled)

only silence
while the white ceiling
keep seeing me

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im almost completely soulless
im incapable of being human
im incapable of being inhuman

a cuanto la manito de estrogeno (urgente)

«I hate my body, I hate the desert
Please, let me escape
When will I be going home?»
Xiu Xiu - Suha

dysphoria getting worse and worse every second...
it's hard to keep trying to survive

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i've been reading "how music works" by david byrne...
really interesting...
(nice photo)

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