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Lowkey really want to see my grandparents' expression when I bring a gf home

The more my grandparents tell me to get a husband, the more I want to get a wife

Grey Griffin married her Internet crush what

More gems I might actually just lie down in my grave now

i just finished she-ra and ahhh feeling too gay to be alive uwu

there's trendy contrarian and then there's so-weird-im-afraid-to-say-my-opinion-in-fear-of-getting-utterly-judged

maybe i just post poems I like and I scroll back and remember

other people: unable to read books in college because they have no time
me: unable to read books in college because I will obsess over characters and lose all of my sleep

pop culture analysis is like historical analysis but you're still living the fallout of the historical event

i found out that hallmark is an actual channel that makes movies...this American holiday industry is wild

just realized that iamb is an iamb and trochee is a trochee

why like kids when you can just be a kid

i used to think it was childish, but I think I'm ready to accept that I love kid's shows and books

my post work routine is fuzzy socks, banana smoothie, and cartoons and I'm not complaining

Bong Joon-Ho cut Parasite on Final Cut Pro 7

are you shook? i am SHOOK

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