when you take off your clothes to go shower but end up walking naked around your apartment for hours

i'm just thankful i dont need to block amazon from my browser

it is pathetic how much my own thoughts amuse me

pairing shui ju yu with coleslaw because of course I am

started off this year shitposting all the things i was learning about language and writing to mastodon. revisiting my old chaos thoughts is quite a time

i miss it here! shitposting is so much more freein than writing snippets to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

also lk feel like it's a time capsule of my brain at any point in time. looking at my old posts now and wow it's like time travel.

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how i so wish this echo chamber grows and grows so that I may reap its discharge

i am ashamed. i gave bird app another try. no joy.

NO ONE talks about transitioning from high school "aspiring writer" to adult "now you are a real writer". the expectations are SO different.

i want to make catradora art but I have no skills

omg it's SNOWING here i love this platform

i said what i said and it's most likely wrong oops

when you have no hope for humanity so you watch kid cartoons

ah lesbian comic book artists, my patron saint

i would love to make comics what about tho

i definitely feel freed from the elite college bubble

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