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My graphing calculator has a great OS, only lacking a good calculator

I don't have a guilt when using pirated software and services. But I feel guilty when using free software without donating. 😢

Microsoft Teams #electron app :250 mb
Microsoft Teams #pwa with edge: 800kb
This is insane

@seek @strawberryfieldsforever @tombies

(South Indians and Sri Lankans tend to use the spelling "dh" to mean dental (rather than retroflex); North Indians use "dh" mean aspirated rather than unaspirated [and you have to know/guess whether it's dental or retroflex].)

This is a public service announcement.

Do not tell me you've ' already rebooted' your laptop. After I just watched you close the lid and open it again.

Just switched to eww, for reading articles. It's just better.

We need an open source energy drink formula

To view modern websites I will need a freaking a new computer with a freaking powerful processor, this is insane and unnecessary, why should we buy newer hardware to process adware and trackers.

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