Comparing Farcry 2 gun sounds and Farcry 5 gun sounds was fucking funny. I don't care if which one sounded realistic. But fuck realism, sounds in Farcry 2 is unbeatable.
Damn I love the deagle.

What are the best tangible things in the world?

Far cry 2 is the best game in the series?

[ 2021 UPDATED ]
About me,
These days I am trying to learn Web Development

Religion: nope

philosophy: Buddhism

Subjects I really love : computing, Journalism, mythology, history, FOSS, activism.

interests: most old school things
( old computers/ old keyboards/ old songs/ old movies/ and those vintage porn of course 😄)

games that touched my heart:
Chrono trigger
AOE ( back in the day )
Baldur's Gate 1 and 2

Anime I loved :
One Piece
Log Horizon
Cowboy Bebop

OS: Debian Linux :debian:
wm: i3
laptop: thinkpad T440P

Just downloaded some songs from Cowboy Bebop, damn!


Sri Lanka’s internet is a sprawling violation of Net Neutrality -

@blueberry Since few months I removed smartphone from my life. Now I rarely check it for messages and calls. Now my primary device is my laptop.
I know for you it will be hard to do, because phone is easier to carry around. But taking a little break from it will just relax you.

re: Work rant, 

@viv pardon me, I was just messing around. I personally don't like people like that.

A Muslim singer singing a song where the song is about asking a main Hindu deity Vishnu, to protect Buddhism.

It's a pretty beautiful song. @calculsoberic Yeah it's cool, I read it too! @calculsoberic It's his blog.

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