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About me,
I am a student, and I am from Sri Lanka. I love GNU/linux and open source software.

Religion: nope

philosophy: Buddhism

Subjects I really love : computing, Journalism, mythology, history, FOSS, activism.

Subjects I currently learning (but not very good at):
combined mathematics

interests: most old school things
( old computers/ old keyboards/ old songs/ old movies/ and those vintage porn of course 😄)

games that touched my heart:
Chrono trigger
AOE ( back in the day )

Things I hope to learn :
Programming ( would love to start with LISP)
Tamil language

OS: manjaro linux
wm: i3
laptop: thinkpad T440P

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සීඅයිඩී - ටීඅයිඩී වංකගිරියක මාස 10ක් තිස්සේ රඳවා සිටින අහ්නාෆ් ජසීම් කවියා වහා නිදහස් කරනු! ඔහුට එරෙහි සියලු නඩු කටයුතු නවතනු! ප්‍රකාශන නිදහසට අත නොතබනු!

#FreeAhnaf #SriLanka


Mr.Dilipa Peiris, DSG informs Fort Magistrate Court (MC) today that poet Ahnaf Jazeem will not be made a suspect any further in Fort MC case conducted by CID, as TID is continuing a case against the Poet in Colombo MC.


What is the best old school font you guys prefer when coding?

Me and a few friends decided to try hosting an open source image board program, think of it as being like 4chan but without all of the nasties and only for cuties, if you want to have a look you can find it here:

What I love about Fedi is, here people are opensource.

Right to disconnect, but from adulting.

What we have here is an extraordinarily limited edition cider.

Only fruit from the branch that fell last week went into this, a little EC-1118 yeast (it'll be a dry one!) and that's it. Fermented for five days, didn't take any gravity readings quite deliberately. This is special.

Bottled with a touch of raw sugar and 30ml of extra fresh juice, straight from apples off the tree today.

Now I'm gonna leave it alone for a week, then crack one open and see what we've got.

winter woes over?
before we see many greens
temps down in the teens



TID refuses to bring Poet Ahnaf Jazeem to his grandmother's funeral held yesterday, depite requests by the family and his lawyer. Poet's beloved grandma expired Friday night and the funeral was held Saturday (27) evening. #ahnafjazeem


A couple more translations of Ahnaf Jazeem's poetry (from the ninth rasa of his Navarasam, "Mercy") added to the website: into English by and into Sinhala by Ramzy Razeek


In addition to the new translations above, updated the homepage of with news on the state of the cases against him #FreeAhnaf


Grateful for Ramzy's courage—it's only been a few months since he himself was in prison under equally absurd accusations

Through the Warrior Painters group I’m discovering so many amazing artists – right now I’m in love with the colours in Anthony Val’s art, so intense and friendly. Here’s some more of his work:

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #digitalpainting #inspiration #painting #heavypaint

alright well i found a way to make the beatstep usable at least.

it does involve passing it through puredata. i made it ignore everything except CC events with values of 63 or 65 and it turns around and immitates an absolute pot on the other end.

Thunar is shit just installed ranger and dolphin.

Hehe now I am running Debian + i3wm. Took few hours to figure out everything. And had to configure i3 from scratch, I forgot to backup 😆 :blobcatfacepalm:

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