hey what if we used the productive capacity of society for things that helped people instead of the other stuff

in the breakfast discussion this morning i was reminded of how much the dystopian experience of growing up in the 80s with it's vision of corporate overlords and power suits had on me and mine.

there's a reason we had Max Headroom and the famous Apple commercial (ironic now) and why many of us still do our best to not sell out to the man.

it feels like it's the source of one of the biggest gaps i have in understanding the younger generations. the idea of turning yourself into a brand is completely anathema to everything i know and believe.

I like mastodon because I follow a lot of people and I don't think any of them think cops are good

I'm a slut for church songs. Guess you could call me a hymnbo

Good morning, moon.
Damn it looks too cold outside.

still, i feel like plopping myself down in a tiny isolated cabin in the mountains, wood fireplace, outhouse, no internet, with all my books, and getting away from everyone for a year.

Its -40 degrees outside. Its not a joke or anything, just ... wow.

i paid for TSN for the first time in my life, to watch curling. Apparently I'm becoming my mother.


... I feel a MacBook Pro purchase coming on ...

just testing ... my feed has been frozen for hours.

cw: rant about schools; blaming capitalism without really saying it; not even a little proofread 

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