ceos, board of directors & board of investors should go to jail if their company does seriously morally and or legally reprehensible shit, any amount of fines are just slaps on the wrist.

their actions really should have actual consequences

business idea: buy warranty void if removed stickers -> stick on expensive new cars outside -> they cannot remove them or their warranty goes poof

If I were a game developer on some big multiplayer title I'd name the top rank ultimate giga gamer so the top players would have to refer to themselves as ultimate giga gamers

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⚠️ Important PSA regarding your Steam :steam:​ account ⚠️

Hey everyone, watch out for a new Steam Scammer. This time it's a legitimate Valve employee (or someone who hacked the support system) and is then asking for recovery codes on Discord to take your Steam account hostage against money.

The procedure is as follows:

  • There is a person called Nikki saying they mass-reported you
  • They ask you over a Steam comment to add them to chat and it'll be not a scam (it is)
  • Nikki will then ask you if you could add someone from the Steam support on Discord (probably the screenshot is fake)
  • This is where the fun begins: Since the scammer has access to the support system they can literally play with your account. Don't give them anything, not even your recovery codes or you risk a full account takeover.

My Steam account (bubblineyuri) is now locked and the Steam support (and hopefully not the scammer) will take a look at it.

Please boost this so everyone else knows it. I think the scammer is one and the same person.

I like signing up for services i don't care about using passwords like " 'OR(1=1) " so someone somewhere thinks they've found an sql injection at some point over the next 5 years or so

Idiots on reddit busting hedge funds is the best thing to happen in a while. I really really hope they're successful. The best part is that it's not even market manipulation, it's just a bunch of people who all saw that the funds were in over their ass and decided to call them out on it

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My proof by induction that a box that can hold one piece of paper can hold an infinate amount of paper.

1. You have a box that is full of paper
2. You really can't fit /one/ more piece of paper in that box? Really?!
3. Repeat


The technical difficulties on are sad but understandable, thanks for the talk anyhow!
One bit of feedback, maybe cut the volume on the technical difficulties screen in half, it's really grating and loud compared to the actual talks.

⚠️​Important reminder ⚠️​
When teleporting people, remember to turn OFF jpeg compression to prevent brain scrambling.

business idea: find a trading guru that has a less than 50% success rate, and always do the exact opposite of what they recommend

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