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I wander if I should just play and walk around the town or just tinker with the VM

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@forever ok i need to tell u about the most iconic literal shitpost. @buzz once mailed me kimchi in an envelope in the mail. when it arrived it looked like the most cursed envelope ever, the kimchi had rotted and begun to stain the envelope red from the inside. furthermore, the postcode was wrong and had been crossed out and amended by the mailperson, which made it look like the address was written by a psychopath.

we were going to start a service called where you could order random foods like baked beans in envelopes to be sent to people, and this was the test. it was decided to be too cursed to unleash upon the public and the british mail service. btw sorry i can't send the image cause i would doxx myself LOL

Also got some new photos of my precious princess. She looks good.

laying in my bed, chilling and it fills so good. I love my end of the week

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I'm really anxious about running ubuntu server as I am ignorant about security. Any good recourses or videos I can get familiar with?

Today's OST is the soundtrack from Rim World. Helping to get into the mood to play around with the VM

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Since I'm fairly new here, I get asked a lot about how I discovered this place, what brought me to Pleroma in particular, how I got to learn about it, ...

But then I do wonder: what about all of you? (including the people here who might've been here since the days, or wrote their own fediverse software)

How long have you been on here?
How did you discover it?
What made you join/stay?
What brought you to the specific software you're using, and why this instance (or why self-hosting)?

I want to know!
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wait when was the last time I was on vacation? :confusedcat:

Ironmouse x Asmongold collab is the weirdest interaction I never imagined I need.

I wanna get some cola and 6 month's vacation :alway_rember:

I know, I have to teach you and mentor you, but holy fuck have you tried to google?

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Sometimes manual QAs are either stupid or just irritating when trying to achieve some deep meaning in the task.

me venting about fanbases 

Sometimes I forget that Genshin has one of the worst fanbases I've ever met. And I mean even k-pop stands are not that obnoxious and I can deal with them to some extent even.

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