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re: nsfw, personal relationships 

it's happening again, maybe cause of springtime I dunno. I'm happy and confused at the same time

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I love jap artist page
>wholesome photos
>food and travel
>occasionally big futa elfs

nsfw, personal relationships 

I feel utterly confused that whenever I leave to other places people I know IRL and flirt with come out to me with some private details and all that is left for me is to type back. Why don't they do this when we hang out...

god I'm happy that I work from home tomorrow

morning! have to work but all I wanna do is play V Rising

played for more hours, quite fun. pvp is solid and punishing

played V Rising, got to know two random pals and we've grouped together to get familiar with the game


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I knew this shark was a massive, but that massive

>decided to check Gura subs
>its almost 4 mil
>second is Cali with 2 mil

kinda ironic how most of the good friends I've made was either dating app or just random irl interaction on some small gathering

thinking about how I interaction with some people over the net and feeling like I should just stop being clingy.


I hope Mappa will do Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint TV adaptation

bot idea: daily check if mastodon app has fedirated timeline

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Just talked to my brother about it and people actually buy this shit of him. I mean they are free to do whatever they do but still amazed

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Ok, looks like there are plans to make a store to sell some stuff overseas and my current place can serve as a warehouse and sorting center.

Might as well make it very legal and rent place for this if it all goes well.

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