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I wanna do core map on this big bad boy while flexing mid-air

ughh, I'll do it during this week, even If I spoil myself expo story

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again, hyped myself during the working hour, I never learn huh

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eating hotdog with some steak salad to feel good

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Just like @tlapka announced on her stream just now, we're going to do an Ultimate Chicken Horse collab Saturday this week at 15.00h UTC/17.00h UTC+2!

(Also, go watch Tlapka's stream~ :blobcatWink:​)

@isobel I plan to call them tomorrow asking why it's taking so long, visiting them in person means I have to skip half a day at work :")

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Maybe that's that famous retrofuturism people are talking about.

- Your debit card will be ready by the next Tuesday
"Next Tuesday" was last week

@schappi but can I spend a few mil bucks on this to feel superior?

Why do I hype myself watching cool builds in gw2 during the work day? D:

jokes on my, my debit card is not ready yet and its been a while I think

I had to visit bank to withdraw my money to pay my rent

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