its kind of shame that I've lost interest in Tower of God after about 5-7 years of reading it every week

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Thats what I loved about Tower of God, we don't know shit about the world same as main character so we learn things by what other people tells which is not always true or complete, but you can actually notice it you read it second time

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Almost finished "Everyone else is a returnee" and it just amaze me how even simple story writing can be both entertaining and complex with the all world building. I mean if you look at the early chapters you will see some references to the future events but you wont understand those. I love this things

head hurts today and painkillers wont do it things

The weather was so nice outside on this weekend so I ended up walking a lot. Now I my legs hurts and seems like the pain from the neck growing stronger. I should exercise more

Path of Exile 2 looks really great ngl

as arpg/hack'n'slash fan I'm happy that's I have a change to play D2 Resurrected, D4 and PoE2 in the near future

I wanna play a bit with the LEMP stack on the local VM and after that I'll get myself a droplet on DO and domain

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I've installed VM with an Ubuntu Server and Nginx yesterday. I was so happy to find out local ip address and that I can see nginx's welcome homepage

Good morning! I woke up, I've done some stretching and had good breakfast. And I even have some free time before work. What is this?

Decided to learn something new today and create local VM. I used have some Vagrant experience, but today decide to use QEMU and its really confusing. Gladly youtube has lots of materials

I've played couple of games yesterday before getting to sleep and you know what? I was not fun anymore. Felt like chore more specific

Every time I think how Mori from HoloEN is doing I came across her streams and always a drinking stream. At this point I'm not even surprised

I feel like I wanna start working on my own blog once again

MH Rise is my personal top game of this year for far. Its been so long since I've had that amount of fun with my friend.

this monday feels less stressful then ever. I wonder if its because if the sun and some good food

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