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I wouldn't know my place
A twisted play in gray
Your tiny hand reaches my skin
I'm taking you with me

Why do I hype myself watching cool builds in gw2 during the work day? D:

jokes on my, my debit card is not ready yet and its been a while I think

I had to visit bank to withdraw my money to pay my rent

its not about straight I think, more about media shows that's what they think "normal" is.

USB is kinda amazing! Currently, I have a keyboard and mouse connected by USB and also using RJ45 to USB connector for a more stable network so I can play using "cloud gaming" service

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Wholesome big booba cosplayer saving my day again

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me sending my fav big booba cosplayer a nice game with big booba character

they actually like it, telling me this character is super cute

This is a nice day :rember:

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issues with dating me:
- carbon-14 won't really help you there
- nitrogen should work
- palaeomagnetism doesn't apply

All I wanted to do is to pay up for the rend and food, but I guess I'm asking too much

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I feel like bank systems in general are either very old or very dumb. Or just both

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Bank be like
"oh no, we made a mistake on your debit card, lets us make you a new one"
Proceed to recreate a whole new account, new account number and not inform my workplace on time so I don't even get the salary and probably have to wait for another week or so

my Razor Blackwidow keyboard is so old that its hard to find pictures of it

But its almost 10 years old now and it working perfectly

Yet gonna check if I need a new one, probably less noisy

By age 30, you should have a group of friends that talk about anime, vtubers, and games, not politics and NTF.

I'm so out of touch I even skip local dramas :(

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