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All money and currency, fiat, blockchain, backed by silver and gold, whatever, is now conpletely valueless. You're welcome, i just single-handedly abolished capitalism

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Mods cant fix hatred on their instances if they dont know about it.

Talk to your mods!

if you think about me too hard you will start burping up blood because i control everything in your body i even put gremlins into your prostate

Send me the account you appreciate most in your timeline :D

Sometimes I boost people just because they have a funny name hehe

monarch shit is when a developer just responds to a request with "don't plan on adding this, nope!"

I'm gonna post my keyboard's first four auto suggested words. Ready?

Blockchain Without the Crypto

I am not immune to propellers, propellant, or propulsion

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Suggesting setting up a pleroma server for friends to friends :ablobhologram: not going well haha they like signal

markov chain generated toot 

yeah honestly... I like long and stabby swords!!

😉 is literally the worst emoji in existence, i hate it so much

stop imagining the apocalypse, start imagining the revolution

I checked /r/boomershumor and turns out that still can’t click book, still hate wife, and kids still on phone too much

vaccination is when they turn people into cows

Can everyone do me a favor and put their time zone in their bio? It's 13:12 here (heh) and someone just posted that they just woke up XD

update on how I feel about piracy 

I think that in a lot of cases, in an anticapitalist sense, piracy is justified, especially when the artist is already hyperrich and supporting capitalist ideals in and out of their music, like many pop artists. however, I have never felt good about stealing from indie artists, because me pirating instead of buying their music materially hurts them, so for that reason I'm going to keep the music I have downloaded now but I'm going to stop pirating a lot of music. I suppose I'll use bandcamp instead, the only reason I didn't before is because I just straight up didn't have money but now I do.

If you're listening to popular artists, or you don't have a lot of money anyways, then I still suggest pirating music, but I no longer fit into either of those categories.

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