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:boosts_ok: Does anyone have a or email, willing to send an invite code?

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Can everyone do me a favor and put their time zone in their bio? It's 13:12 here (heh) and someone just posted that they just woke up XD

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All money and currency, fiat, blockchain, backed by silver and gold, whatever, is now conpletely valueless. You're welcome, i just single-handedly abolished capitalism

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Mods cant fix hatred on their instances if they dont know about it.

Talk to your mods!

Ok yeah so I might do WordPress with the activitypub plugin because the free tier of is too restrictive and I don't have a server to self-host yet


You know what?

I'm going to use

I went to bed at 22:00 thinking I'd get 8 hours of sleep by 6:00
but I tossed and turned for 3 hours, my watch says I only got 5 hours 11 minutes sleep

and it's midterms

now blocking all cookies on all websites by default unless I log into them

You know, the biggest annoyance of the stock pixel android ROM is Google related, and I can disable or hide almost all of that.

I don't think I'll rush to put a custom ROM on it

Been having a lot of "wow, that happened today?" moments lately

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looked up plume on to find the fediverse project and found a HRT company

frankly not disapointed

Would wikipedia be better off federated?

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cocking my dick like a gun before eroding a urinal clean off the wall with the force of my piss #WaterPissers

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Now it’s you need a Master’s degree and not a Bachelor’s degree to get a good job. The entry level job market is rough right now due to market instability. I predict by 2050 you’ll need a PhD to earn above minimum wage.

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Don't click the second option

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things that don't actually happen under communism
*our* toothbrush

things that actually happen under capitalism
landlord: *our* income :)

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