Back out into the wild. If I see any fruit I will bring some

Can we skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Easter?

@sydneyfalk Same. I've had to change my mind several times over the years. This new one seems to be okay though

@sydneyfalk The brain is inundated with latent memory and hidden triggers

@sydneyfalk I got tape for days. So it'll have to be quick

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with enough fish, tape, and willpower we can make the powerful crumble to their knees


McDonald's is actually very sexy, because at the rate the food digests it is going to stick with you for the rest of your life I know right? I keep getting matched with paperclips

Unsure whether to watch Death Stranding streams or wait until I have time in December to play it

@watson Absolutely. Vital to check in with yourself. You're right - it can be difficult to get over one's self, put the ego aside, and be self-critical and honest about needed change. It can be uncomfortable, but always worthwhile

@watson Yes, thanks ! Took the day to map out some ideas and shed a few thoughts which had been blinking in my mind for a few weeks; made the time to unpack it all, Marie-Kondoed my brain

Here may be a good place to build a home

Woke early enough to have breakfast twice

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