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Privacy shouldn't be a luxury. We’ve joined with @privacyint and over 50 other orgs to ask Google to take action against the exploitative practices of pre-installed apps.

Read the letter & add your voice: #Bloatware

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Brilliant day no bs or anything just sales and quality control. Sweet

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Here it is. It's time for a FreeDesktop dark style preference. Here's what that would entail, and why:

I love sleeping when it rains. So relaxing

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Pisses me off when artists release a track on a mix that is ID - ID...

I wouldn't mind having a few tracks on it but I'm not feeling it with his tracks anymore.

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Some recommended settings for #freetube, If you want Improved privacy make sure you enable "Proxy Videos Through Invidious" and disable "Grab videos locally"

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Saturday night thank fuck! Whats the plan tonight?

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Sick of getting paid monthly...

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