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yt keeps switching up its layout and every single version is awful

Ah Friday, the second most awkward day of the week 🤣

@moznews @google @mozilla The UK is one of the worst if not the worse for data protection and privacy.

@nipos @torproject @privacyint Its also another marketing plan to get people to upgrade their older phones to phones that they can better track them with.

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Privacy shouldn't be a luxury. We’ve joined with @privacyint and over 50 other orgs to ask Google to take action against the exploitative practices of pre-installed apps.

Read the letter & add your voice: #Bloatware

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@tastytentacles I know the feeling. Reminds me of the days where none in my class was given any credit because they were referencing back to the source... Waste of time

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Brilliant day no bs or anything just sales and quality control. Sweet

@cassidyjames For the next release of Elementary or part of an update?

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Here it is. It's time for a FreeDesktop dark style preference. Here's what that would entail, and why:

@john24947 People still use yahoo these days? 🤣

I love sleeping when it rains. So relaxing

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