Too many choices with fucking hell.

Decisions.... Decisions... 🤔🤔🤔

@zen All of them are based on Debian haha. I’m still safe 🤣

@zen don’t get me wrong I do like Debian but I’ve had dependency issues with them in the past and I just want something ready to go out of the box. 😉

@oros @zen is a complete no go for me. Stability issues even with definitely looking at atm

@rn92 @zen Mx or maybe peppermint might work for you then. But kubuntu is quite stable for me so far. I don't know when you have last used KDE but they've made a lot of improvement so far, even resource wise...Good luck.

@oros @zen seems to be the most likely candidate for me. I used a couple of months ago, but had issues with and flickering elements on screen, and I highly doubt it’s an issue with my rig as it has an i7 and a card.

Resource wise I need it to be as light but functional as possible. I’ll definitely use for 95% of my apps, as I don’t like mixing and dependencies.

Thanks 😊

@cyndn Nope most likely will be , as my testing of it for stability so far, has been far superior compared to .

@rn92 I've only heard good things about Mint. It was one of the first distros,I ever used and it was stable.

@cyndn I’ve heard the same of mint but everyone’s experience will be different. I have tested mint often and have had the system hanging at completely random intervals. For me, that is unacceptable as I need a rock solid system, that is capable of just keeping up to date with animation and graphic programs. I don’t need a ton of built-in applications, just the ones I need to get the job done.

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