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thinkpad x240 trackpoint "buttons" are unusable

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monero is the only crypto that actually matters

alternate universe where podcasts are called zunecasts

actually can we just get rid of scrollbars and make them float on top of the side of scrollable pages when the user puts their mouse there

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society if scroll bars on dark websites werent white and grey

i dont like pride month can we abolish it

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excuse my use of the word, but techlead is actually a total fucking retard

if you dont got ctrl and caps swapped, are you even living?

how can people drink coca cola that shit is fucking nasty

gtk applications on windows look so fucking wrong

why is adwaita here what the fuck

oh wow google amp is finally fucking dead. about time, that shit was toxic as fuck

federated timeline full of lolis and im in class
fedi pls

ive never met a single person that personally pays for microsoft office

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