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federated timeline full of lolis and im in class
fedi pls

ive never met a single person that personally pays for microsoft office

oh my god
a guy wearing a skirt!
such femboy! much kawaii..
nuzzles your bulgy wolgy

wtf why is taking screenshots of my computer and router's security and network settings part of my compsci course that's literally asking to get hacked

i wonder if music streaming platforms are gonna start competing using their audio quality rather than just relying on whatever the user feels like subscribing to that evening

new thinkpad keyboards arent actually as bad as people say btw

theyre not as good as the old ones but they still beat pretty much everything else

no im not bringing a fucking external dac to college

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i miss my macbook's amp/dac combo
the shit in my thinkpad is so noisy wtffff

dude my workplace deadass using my preferred name immediately after i asked
lets fucking go

legit tho im happy apple is providing lossless music at the same price as before, its a huge blow to tidal which has been overpricing high quality music for YEARS

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y'all make aiff and alac and your own hardware cant even play either of them bro thats too rich

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its even funnier when the entirety of apple's own audio lineup (airpods, etc) only supports 256kbps aac and doesnt even support their own lossless formats
good shit apple nice job you did it again

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le apple hyping up their lossless music feature saying its the "next generation of music" but its the same quality we had on cds 20 years ago

>having to ask my teacher for screenshots because my computer science course requires me to provide screenshots of the windows firewall and group policy

im tired dude

bro its actually so funny how quickly developers got their apps working on macos on arm compared to windows on arm lmaoooo

omemo keyz in case anyone gives a shit

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