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wtf why does it stop at 68% and why is it "unknown" oh my god

my mask is fucking KILLING my ears

thinkpad keyboards are more tactile than cherry mx browns lol

dude i love it when my teacher always asks me to answer a question first, deadnaming me in the process and putting me on the spot, fucking with my anxiety :>

why the fuck is there a "desktop" folder in my home folder
like i dont need it why can't i delete it

kink shit on my twitter timeline so i can't open that tab for a little while :D

rae :libreboot: :linux: :trans: boosted

don't put your drink next to your laptop fan

some fucking degenerate just made an attack helicopter joke unironically then starting laughing at himself for like 2 minutes

it's stupid that everyone on like soyoverflow assumes that i'm using some massive ide like no i'm just using nano ffs

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i figured it out dw, it's incredibly simple and it took me way too long to figure out how to do it
it's just `mcs main.cs`

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>writing c#
>forget how to compile c# on linux
>google it
>"oh just click here and here in your ide!"
>what just give me a command
>"ok just install this ide..."
>no just give me a fucking command

thanks teacher, it's really useful that you put code up on the screen but zoom in super far so it hides the first few lines 👍

people simp for shit like vscode and atom and i'm just like "WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE A WEB INSPECTOR"

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some people might say browser applications are convenient. i say they're slow and bloated. javascript was not designed for full applications, it was designed for small web scripts that improve websites. holy SHIT stop making electron apps

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