Show newer solution:::::::::::::::: just dont have a bug bite on your ear and it wont be a problem anymore

dare mo mie wa shinai
dare mo oeyashinai
senro o koe
mada mienu you ni to
me o fuseta
kyou mo ame ne

bitches be like "hit p, man"
ok??????? 🤨​🤨​🤨​🤨​

rewatched the very end of lain just to feel something

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jason citron the turbo virgin soyboy that runs the cesspool of hatred that is discord gets brutally ratiod by gay furry on birdsite

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@qmm i had an x200 and a broken x230 keyboard sitting next to me so i thought why not lol

@qmm x200 vs x230
they look really similar, but i feel like the x200 has a further travel time

@qmm pretty sure its always been chiclet, they just changed the shape of the keys i think

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are there any matrix servers that are:
- fast
- not banned by literally every other server, room and space
- relatively uncensored and lax

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