best client for macos is beagle and the icon makes me want to kms

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bitches be like "hit p, man"
ok??????? πŸ€¨β€‹πŸ€¨β€‹πŸ€¨β€‹πŸ€¨β€‹

jason citron the turbo virgin soyboy that runs the cesspool of hatred that is discord gets brutally ratiod by gay furry on birdsite

i need a pallette cleanser after watching lain

oculus constellation sensors having to be plugged into my pc instead of just into the wall like steam lighthouses is such a fucking pain i hate this


socks and skirt time bitches (definitely not a parody of that one picture)

who r u and why did u send me a friend request only to instantly cancel it
reveal yourself fool

omemo keyz in case anyone gives a shit

mfw forced to use this disgusting interface because the normal one is broken
lets fucking go

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