gtk applications on windows look so fucking wrong

why is adwaita here what the fuck

gtk and qt both look weird on macos too

@riku qt tries but i think it's somewhat outdated, i think qt5 looks ok while qt4 tries to emulate older "aqua" style. GTK just looks like shit everywhere except gnome, it's by design.

@hj honestly i think qt looks bad everywhere, no matter how much you theme it. gtk with a good theme can look good on almost any linux desktop, but it looks weird on window managers

@riku qt at least tries to look native on mac, windows and gtk-based linux desktops. QT is also very themeable as well to the point you wouldn't know app uses it, while GTK devs actively hate themes and their users.

I'm guessing if you're used to GNOME everything not GTK looks bad and vice-versa.

@hj @riku
Qt doesnt try to look native on Linux. They have removed the GTK2 theme support completely and never cared enough for a GTK3 (or 4 by now) replacement. The #fedora community managed to create an adwaita-qt style that works pretty well, but Qt itself doesn't care about the Linux desktop anymore.

On macOS Big Sur Qt looks really bad, on Windows 10, by now Qt also looks dated, except you do something like Telegram, where you ship your own design.


@fabiscafe telegram looks great on all platforms. same with monero-gui

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@riku Thats true. Yet still I have to complain because it's in bad shape on wayland, because of Qt.

@fabiscafe really? i haven't noticed any problems with telegram on wayland

@riku Run it natively on wayland and try a touchpad to scroll. At some point Xinput2 seems to be broken or something like this. It's sometimes that bad that I cant scroll at all. Also it still doesnt draw a shadow or just the fact that it still starts in xwayland mode even if the desktop runs natively wayland. :(

@fabiscafe i use libinput with wayland and scrolling is perfectly fine on telegram. it's fine on chrome too, which is also xwayland

@riku yeah, don't run it on xwayland mode, but native.
QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland telegram-desktop

There are times when it's fine and other times where you barely can scroll or where it shoots you from one end to the other.

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