ive never met a single person that personally pays for microsoft office

@riku 90% of the time nowadays its provided in a work environment along with MS365 so the employer pays for it.

TBH if you aren't going to use the Exchange/Outlook calendar functions, Libreoffice has all the other functionality you would need for office stuff (and this is coming from someone who has to look after 3 different MS365 tenants for work 😁 )

@popey oh wow, what's stopping him from using something like libreoffice?

@popey i can see that, libreoffice has a vastly different interface compared to ms office

@riku Also, he's retired, and bought it while he was working. Wanted compatibility with software he used at work. No point switching now.

@riku My wife does. She also pays for McAfee. I laughed when she told me. Then I felt bad for laughing.

@bbbhltz an old family friend bought a mac mini with mcafee which i just thought was ridiculous

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