switch to activitypub!

twitter = pleroma, mastodon, gnu social
instagram = pixelfed
facebook = friendica
tumblr = writefreely
youtube, twitch = peertube

@absturztaube @riku I guess the same as with the twitter algorithm that always shows relevant content down your throat (sorry I barely used it but it is what I heard)

Apparently a lot of people use spotify just to find a similar music.

@absturztaube why not just download your music using deemix and do whatever you want with it? hubzilla maybe as a Facebook alternative too, though I rarely touch it. Is Diaspora even a thing anymore?

@riku I didn't know about writefreely and pixelfed 😅 Thanks for this 😀

@riku Do I still have to switch to the federated services, even when I'm not using the centralized ones? 😆

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