garuda linux might be the worst linux distribution anyone could install

@Meeper 1000 packages in the installer iso, fish by default, 30gb iso, default shell prompt uses two lines, it comes with kde made to look like macos, it claims to be free software but it's obviously not

@riku you lost mr at 30gb iso

What the fuck? I can easily xreate an alpone bootstrap iso in less than 50 mb probably

@Meeper the fucking manjaro iso is like 4gb and that's pushing it. hell even the windows 10 iso is like 6gb

@emilis fish is absolutely the worst shell on the entire planet. it breaks shell scripts to hell and back and it's configured using a web based ui. you can't get any more zoomer than that

@riku >it breaks shell scripts to hell and back #!/bin/bash

>and it’s configured using a web based ui this is news to me as a fish user for like forever

@emilis @riku The web based ui is optional, normal config files exist too.

@SuperDicq @emilis it literally took me hours to figure out how to make my own prompt without it using the garbage one from the web based ui, it's so fucking bad

@riku @SuperDicq or maybe that’s on you dude, I remember it not being that bad. but then again, that’s a thing you literally only do once in your life so :blob_shrug:

@emilis some scripts don't have #!/bin/bash at the start so you have to go add it. also, isn't the whole POINT of fish that it's "easily configurable" in some shitty web ui that it hosts 24/7 on your computer

@riku @emilis the web ui doesn't run until you run it via fish_config (or something I dunno, I never really used it)
besides, I've run fish as my default shell for years without any issue :blobshrug:
@riku biggest iso I found was 5.4GB so it sounds like you're taking the "please have at least 30GB of space on the hdd you're installling to" as to mean "here's a 30GB iso that probably has every package you ever heard of in it"

@ivesen the installer iso has 1000+ packages and that's how it installs.

@ivesen my entire system is like 900 packages
i dont think ive EVER used a system with more than 1000

@riku you've probably never used kde or gnome then :blobshrug:
note: plasma-meta is the recommended package for installing kde on arch

I'm not 100% sure using pactree this way gives accurate results, but I know gnome and kde tends to pull about this many packages anyway, I will say though, this includes every dependency including recursive dependencies so it gives a number close to what a "minimal" system with these de's would have in terms of packages

@ivesen ive used basically all of the big desktop environments. i dont think it's ever gone above 1000 packages, that just seems absurd

@riku mhm
here are the real numbers, keep in mind you still need more stuff to have an actual functioning system (ie. I don't think either of these include a display manager)

@qorg11 garuda is probably worse out of the box

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