let's all thank tim burners-lee for the clusterfuck that is the web

@riku we should have stayed at BBS, boomers should not be allowed to use computers

@qorg11 better yet, zoomers should not be allowed to use computers. simplifying computers and the internet was the worst thing we could have possibly done

@riku anyone who cant install gentoo should not be añlowed to use a computer

@qorg11 @riku having to install something that depends on python just to use a computer should be a crime.
@riku His vision of the web back when it was conceived was really far from the web we see nowadays...

Originally it was conceived as a digital interactive book whose pages (and other books) would be linked through hyperlinks.

@enigmatico it really is so much different. who knew a protocol for downloading and viewing html documents in a browser could become so bloated and social

@riku A big part of it comes from the companies and corporations who want to control our network. If you think about it, the internet expanded a lot in the recent years. Back then it was just a few people who could afford a computer and paying an extra on their phone bill. But recently since the internet became "cheap", and much more accessible, a lot more people joined. Mostly through their phones.

More people means more information, and the information is power. The power to know what people does, what people thinks, what people feels, and even the power to manipulate this people.

Reason why companies are so focused on controlling our networks and having as many people as they can on board.
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