why are there no 16:10 144hz monitors? i want one

@riku 1600x1200 microLED would rock but that one will remain in my dreams (unless eizo does it for several grand or something)

@freon i just want a 1920x1200 or 2560x1600 120/144hz screen. that's like my dream display. my laptop has a 1280x800 display and i've fucking seen the light

@riku t500 with wuxga felt microscopic at first but it really is a true pleasure to use and i can never go back to something like 768p ever again

@freon honestly i'd take 1280x800 over 1366x768 any day. not only does it mathematically make sense, but taller is better because text goes DOWN

@qorg11 4:3 too narrow for me. videos look like shit

@riku my only advice for that is domtnt watch videos

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