console wars are so fucking stupid. you're all wrong, pc is better

@riku PCs are a lot better but I'm not buying a GPU for 1k€ :blobfoxlaughsweat: really thinking of just getting a cheap console and play the things i still want to play (which isn't a lot)

@Sophie if you don't want to buy a gpu for 1k then... don't? buy a cheaper graphics card. you don't have to spent $6,000,000 on a computer, spend as little as possible

@riku But to be on par with console graphics, which has become the standard definition for quality in games, you kinda need a beefy gpu these days. 2K/4K resolutions don't help in that regard but look really nice

@Sophie ...yeah no you don't. 4k is a forced meme, you don't need that shit in any capacity. yes, a pc is going to be a more expensive initial investment than an console that is "on par". but long term, you save money by not having to pay for online and being able to buy games for much cheaper. it works out to be cheaper in the long run to game on a pc

@riku i mean you dont have to buy games on pc at all thanks to piracy, thats a very slim appeal to me. There are more sales and humble bundles and stuff but I only hand-pick a few games I really want to play anyways so in the long run I'm spending less on games on either platform. 4K definitely is an improvement to me so different people have different requirements

@Sophie i have a 4k monitor and have had one for 4 years. i've played games in 4k and i can tell you as someone with 20/20 vision, you might as well just play 1080p with antialiasing. the only major improvement i noticed was in the ui elements. it seriously makes such a small difference, it's not worth the performance hit

@riku I have a 2K monitor for work and private and that made a huge difference for me compared to 1080p. Everyone is different in their needs and perceptions.
@riku Do you really want to have a conversation or do you just want to spout superiority?
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