@riku I run libreboot in all my machines beat that ;)

@qorg11 my masheens are tew new for libreboot ;(
ive been eyeballing an x60 on ebay tho

@riku I use a librebooted T400 as main machine, i don't want intel botnet in my machine

@qorg11 currently dealing with amd's shit on my main pc (ryzen because vibeo gam). both my thinkpad and macbook suffer from intelmanagementengineitis (new disease)

@riku AMD has its own management engine though
also if you're interested on my computing: qorg11.net/computing.html

@qorg11 yeah thats why i said "amd's shit". its like psp or pup or somethin idk im not autistic enough

@qorg11 try again, i wasn't logged into any clients until now because i am a dumbass

@riku or try messaging me, im qorg11@vxempire.xyz

@riku ISP router has a closed firmware (also ipv6 doesn’t seem to work) and I can’t convince my dad to get a new one

@Meeper yeah dont flash a cfw onto an isp router theyll kill you

@riku last time I tried it, two burly men came to give me a stern talking

@Meeper at least theyre wearing masks to protect from covid

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