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is it at all possible to change usernames on masto

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when catte sleep and u tuch catte and catte mrrp

best client for macos is beagle and the icon makes me want to kms

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best client for ios is monal and thats extremely upsetting

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when is someone going to make a decent xmpp client for ios and macos

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Idk if this will get any traction here but I figured I'd give it a shot

Haha cat pillow go purrrrrrr

he said he's watching it tomorrow
massive win, fedi

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just recommended serial experiments lain to my father

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Nintendo: * Gets a load of dislike on their Nintendo Online video *
Nintendo: "Hey Google! Remove the dislike button!"
Google: "Okay"

dare mo mie wa shinai
dare mo oeyashinai
senro o koe
mada mienu you ni to
me o fuseta
kyou mo ame ne

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