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Windows 10 is the KDE Plasma you bought on Wish

corporations are starting to use anime waifus to shill their brand and advertise
when are they going to start using femboys or lolis
its only a matter of time

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social media timeline algorithms are bad for society

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see, here we have
boosts (guaranteed to boost a certain post onto the followers' timelines)
favorites (tells the author that you liked the post. has no chance of working like boosts)

its so simple, why the heck can't twitter just do That

the whole fucking content algorithm thing is so annoying and bad

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socks and skirt time bitches (definitely not a parody of that one picture)

apt means aptitude? it will always be Advanced Packaging Tool™ to me

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look at me over here using an iphone
this is not the rae way, something has gone has gone awry somewhere

i love when anti-abortion christian conservatives follow me, a pro-abortion liberal athiest

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