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my teacher is playing metal in class

i left my pepsi next to my laptops fan and now its warm :')

the game is better if you mod it tho the vanilla game is so poorly written

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fnf isnt a good game but it's music kinda slap

whenever im on a thinkpad i miss my macbook but whenever im on a macbook i miss my thinkpad

monero is the only crypto that matters so bitcoin can crash and die for all i care

lol whats happening with cryptos rn

doing computer science assignement

how the fuck did i manage to type 327 words explaining how blind people are able to use computers

why doesnt mastodon support webp wtf

why do tech reviewers on youtube compare chromebooks to laptops running windows, macos and linux

no, your pixelbook go is not going to replace your 2019 16" quad core i9 macbook pro with radeon graphics you idiot

how is my 2014 thinkpad with 2 batteries, a full size ssd and a huge logic board and actual cooling system the same weight as a 2020 macbook air?
is this laptop made out of paper or something???

my routine for every day i wake up, open laptop, realise my trackpad isnt working, and run my trackpad reset script
wayland pls

its been almost 3 years since proton launched

for years i read "pleroma" as "plemora"

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