I finally try to take an IT job and not more than a month after I start the entire network goes down in a power outage 🙃

That was a fun two days.

I forced my totally non-techie friend to play just one round of NetHack and he actually loved it.

Now I’ve given him a convenient nethack user on my Raspberry Pi to play with me! :blobcat:

So I just started getting into NetHack… it only took me about six characters to learn I could ride my horse.

I’ll make sure to bring this up again in twenty years when I manage to beat the game.

I love being asked to get new people into Dungeons and Dragons with absolutely no warning (not sarcastic, it’s great). It gives me an excuse to use prewritten adventure modules for once!

looking into obscure nonprinting ASCII/Unicode characters to find some good delimiters for my status panel script. these “group,” “record,” and “unit” separators look neat.

currently in the middle of tearing down and completely rebuilding the status bar scripts for my Linux laptop because I made the mistake of trying to clean them up a little. why couldn’t I leave well enough alone??

just learned about Adobe’s Narc Mode (also known as “AGS”) that they enable by default for any enterprise packages you build through their Admin Console. it scans for “unlicensed, potentially malicious” Adobe products on your devices. now I have to go through and redeploy everything to dump their bullshit spyware.

got a bit excited and popped the clutch on my Subaru a little too early. almost sent the engine into the stratosphere. good job me.

I’ve always wanted to try writing more, maybe I should take posting on here as an excuse to write microfiction. the stakes feel a lot lower on that stuff

I think I’ve sent my friend enough furry shit straight off of fedi to convince him to try joining an instance.

one of us

just tried to light my stove with a lighter because it wasn’t clicking and lighting itself. I have an electric stove.

my friends are trying to get me to play monster hunter world and I have absolutely no idea what I’m getting into

as a new hire in the IT industry, I cleaned my first printer today! It didn’t help shit.

fictional death, no spoilers 

well, it's time to prepare for my next DnD session and figure out exactly how to carry on the campaign after accidentally killing the wizard.

the dangers of putting a custom status bar on your laptop... sometimes I get distracted watching the upload and download monitors fluctuate... haha funny numbers go brrrr

when will I actually let myself be done with my Artix install?? I would like to use my laptop like a laptop, please.

I certainly can’t waffle between the two, because then my answers might look actually useful.

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I’m torn between answering “none of the above” or selecting every option each time YouTube gives me one of their bullshit surveys.

last year I set my desktop to default to the Dvorak keyboard layout. you know, learning by immersion and all that. a whole year later and I’m proud to say I have the keyboard shortcut to instantly switch back to QWERTY down pat! :thinkerguns:

trying to fill out my account so that eventually I can feel confident about sending follow requests :blobcat:

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