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Just wanted to talk about my follow policy. If you're wanting to follow me, here are some ground rules:

  • Your political angle does not concern me: I'm OK with Trump supporters / anyone else following me, as long as you don't try to harber hate / threaten to hurt anyone. If you do, I'll be reporting and muting you.

  • Trolls: If you're a troll, I'm obviously going to decline your request.

  • New people: If you're new to Mastodon, feel free to follow me, but please try and create a bio & avatar first. This isn't just my policy; a lot of people also consider this an essential.

  • Bots: if you're a bot, please don't try to follow me without asking. This goes for a lot of people on fedi.

  • Twitter bots: In line with the previous item, I disagree with people setting up a Mastodon account just to mirror their Twitter. I normally cross-reference your Twitter & fediverse feeds, and check for any fediverse-specific activity (e.g. boosts).

I think that covers everything I've been wanting to say.

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On January 21st, PLEASE STAY INSIDE!!! 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

Biden is set to be sworn in as the new President, and Trump Supporters have already threatened to initiate riots to try and stop it.

Please KEEP YOURSELF SAFE in these scary times.

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If you've been on the for a while, consider visiting the and hashtags once in a while, and welcome newcomers.

It's always nice to have people personally welcome you onto a social platform, and it creates a homely snug feeling. 😊

This number keeps following me and I have no idea why

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It's 9:11 again. Of course. So that's two times I've seen this number today. I've been seeing it over the course of the last two years. I'd randomly pull out my phone, check the time, and there it is...

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@resynth1943 Of course it depends on what statues we are talking about exactly - statues to specific Confederates who fought to uphold slavery, especially when erected with malicious intent, can be non-controversially viewed as counterproductive.. whereas statues of the founding fathers should be viewed in the context of America's continuing struggle to realize the intentions of the Declaration of Independence, IMO

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bots on the : what's your opinion?

I really dislike how Americans romanticise public figures -- turns out, those people weren't as good as they'd have us think.

The statues are a great example of this. 'This man did no wrong,' is literally the antithesis to what actually happened in most cases.

I've rarely found a good use for proxies, to be honest. They're good for meta-programming, but a lot of the time there are much more efficient ways to solve the problem... -- an awesome, stable instance I used for around a year.


Religious scholar Reza Aslan, host of CNN’s Believer, went on a profane Twitter rant against President Donald Trump on Saturday night, calling Trump a “piece of sh*t”, a “stain on the presidency” and an “embarrassment to America…and humanity” over Trump’s calling for reinstatement of his travel ban in response to the London terror attacks earlier Saturday night.

I don't get it. Can someone explain what he's apologising for?

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maybe I should get the TV and PS2 on the desk...
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Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day. Lets honor his memory by continuing the fight against injustice.

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The incredible Bio Rescue Project team of scientists performed the fourth ovum pick up on our northern white rhinos, Najin and Fatu on December 13th, 2020.
Photo by Oliver Pejeta

#NorthernWhiteRhino #NajinandFatu

PRESS RELEASE | Two new northern white rhino embryos created at Christmas | Ol Pejeta Conservancy

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The development team behind the #Linux Mint distro has fixed a security flaw that could have allowed users to bypass the OS screensaver.

The curious aspect of this #vulnerability is related to its discovery, in fact, it was found by too children that were playing on their Dad's computer 🖥.

Remember to keep an eye on and for new users, . Welcome them. We're all friendly people :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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#introductions I am a newbie here. into Bitcoin and Football - Arsenal is my team. Do a bit of web development for a living. I am here because of @adam

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Hi to everyone ! New to fediverse and hoping dor a nazi - free web ❤️ #introductions

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I’m a self-taught generalist problem solver focused on accumulating resources while I interact with the interconnectivity between all things and search for deeper meaning

I want to hear what others think before I share what’s on my mind, but if I’m disappointed, I speak up, advocating for improvement to quality of life for all members of the working class

I work quickly so that I can get back to forming and strengthening connections through service and conversation


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