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Happy pills.
Cried during this don't yesterday and I put the tears on the drawing (weren't supposed to be there)

For sale at 30€ free delivery to France

#mastoart #art #inktober #inktober2021 #dustyart

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Ganz ehrlich, warum macht er das nicht anonym publik.
Ich meine, wir leben in Deutschland. Bei uns gibt es keine "Bounty-Programme", oder wenn nur vereinzelt.
Seit dem CDU Debakel sollte sich jeder Hacker das vor Augen führen.


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Die #Privacy Week 2021 startet am 25. Oktober.

Tolle und schlaue Menschen teilen ihr Wissen im Stream über #Privatsphäre, #Digitalisierung, Auswirkungen von Technik auf die Gesellschaft, #Datenschutz und #Netzpolitik

Mehr Infos:

u.a. mit @kattascha, @aral, @netzpolitik@twitter.com, @HonkHase@twitter.com uvm.

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@PrivacyWeek NOTE: These talks will be held in German, but there will be a live translation to English by our fabulous translation team. You will find the link on our Streaming Site, which will be announced shortly.

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I am sick and tired of constantly reviewing settings in web browsers to see if they have snuck in some new tracking mechanism that I get to disable because "your privacy is important to us".

I am sick and tired of all the black UX that goes into this, like opt out instead of opt in, or at least providing top level choices like, say, Fuck NO I'd NEVER EVER Like You To Track ANYTHING Now And In Every Perceivable Future. Like sync'ing every setting in your profile except tracking related settings, because hey that way you might by mistake opt out of tracking on another installation where you really wanted to be tracked. The list goes on and on.

Browsers are critical infrastructure and clearly an open source stamp on them fails in itself to provide any meaningful shield towards capitalist subversion.

I'd like a browser with a license that explicitly rules out *any* kind of commercial entity or interest contributing or directing development.


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Hi friends! My game GB Rober is now finally out and available for all of you to buy and hopefully enjoy!


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discord introduced.....stickers
things we have circles

I forgot how I always hated Act 3 :D It's really long and annoying sometimes. But at the end I managed to kill Mephisto haha
Btw it's amazin on the Switch OLED.

How can I change the background from black to something more pleasant to the eyes?


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