according to "ergonomic keyboard manufacturers" I have been pressing the b key with the wrong hand my whole life. there is a lot I hoped to change about myself, but I guess kinesis decided that has to go on top of the pile

Just a theory, but the same people who relentlessly mock Gender Studies as a field of study are the ones complaining that now gender is more complicated than they thought.

Every time I get to revisit Aggretsuko with a new season I am somehow still surprised at how singularly unique it is amongst shows.

before nfts, dudes would just go to the store and buy receipts

one of those mornings where I spend an hour and a half trying every combination of variables possible to get a build working and googling each error code rather than just... looking up how to do what I want.

as someone who occasionally flirts with cg art, nfts have made navigating those communities way more difficult. just flooded with mass produced, low effort work.

"I would call on the members of the (#RustLang) Core Team to resign and the core team as a whole to be shut down"

Having a lot of fun messing around with raylib. It's a great library for practicing design patterns and architecture. I'm kinda surprised I hadn't learned of it earlier, since I've worked quite a bit with SDL and SFML, and it seems to be a great alternative so far.

I know this is because of my inexperience, but: working with interpreted, dynamic languages after static, compiled languages feels like descending into Plato's cave. Feels like I'm interacting with the shadows of code rather than the code itself.

reminiscing on the days before keyboards had the windows key.

if someone claims 'economics' as a field of study is basically any more complicated than just supply-and-demand, they are in a cargo cult and trying to get you to join.

Tech Twitter is a weird place. People are so starved to post some kind of professional-related content that trying to follow any topic just results in a deluge of the most banal 'tips' and discussions that never get more complicated than tribal arguing over which language or Linux distro is better. If it were any other industry, it would sound like mechanics arguing over whether a wrench is better than a screwdriver.

Every time I have read an explanation of what Havana syndrome is, I immediately have thought 'that can't be it, that is too dumb', and discard the info from my brain. I have learned what Havana Syndrome is like 5 times at this point.

spoiler invisible man 

one semi-related hot take though, Is my inability to understand the praise for the most recent invisible man movie: a man secretly has technology that would literally make him the most powerful person on Earth and he uses it to harass an ex? The only way the pathos of the Invisible Man works is if it's a biological/physical transformation.

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Not at all a hot take, but been really front and center for me this year: Horror movies really have a responsibility to portray mental healthcare more positively. From Psycho to Halloween to Get Out , all contribute to skepticism and fear about the mundane reality of how mental health treatment works.

I do wonder if our collective disregard for Twitter/FB has limited our thoughts around message display on the Fediverse.

I wouldn't mind an algorithm sorting my display, so long as:

a) I could understand it
b) I could control it
c) I could disable it

I do this with my email all the time through "sort". I sort by date, by sender, by thread, I search by topic, etc.

I'd have no problem if *my own* AP instance learned about me and sorted based on criteria it thought I'd like.

finally finished squid game. was a bit ambivalent on it before because the games are a little uninspired, but the overall meta-game storyline is a big improvement over it's ancestors like Liar Game, Kaiji, etc.

twitch does not seem to use targeting at all in the landing page? Despite having never watched a musician or gaming tournament on there, those are exclusively what start playing for me. With autoplay automatically on, it's a pretty unfriendly user-experience.

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