@tastytentacles Totally reasonable IMO, people sometimes include really weird and useless things in their ROMs, which are in some cases proprietary.
I would that the best is to compile your own unofficial build, so there are no concerns about the builder

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@pyro @tastytentacles I'm not that expert on the rom-creating part, but, could you modify a ready-to-flash zip?

@kettlevoid Yes, you can easily unpack, modify and repack the images included in the zip

@pyro uh, good. So you could base a good rom on top of a bad one

@kettlevoid Exactly, but it's much easier to change things on the device tree before compiling.
I have only made really small changes on some ROMs post-compilation, as it tends to get quite messy with bigger modifications.

@pyro uh i see. It ciuld be useful thought, i wouldn't have to root just to debloat

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