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Now my laptop started interpreting some key presses as two, but with different letters - c becomes cf, b becomes bk, etc., even in a live boot environment, so it's a hardware problem (how does that even happen?). Seems like I really do need a new one. Might as well get one of those fancy 2-in-1 systems so that I can sell my Android tablet. I need something with a digital pen that feels good to write (and ideally also draw) with because I will use it every day to take notes and do homework, but there seems to be very little information on which models have good Linux support. Any recommendations?

early christians removing the stone in front of the cave where they kept jesus: a yo whats up youtube, this is my unboxing of the Lord

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Should I do my homework that is due tomorrow or buy a new VPS to self host all kinds of services I don't need?

Apparently you can insert anime drawings into your scientific papers and still get published.

(Not mine, found on Reddit. Source: doi.org/10.1039/C6CP05849C )

Feeling a bit sluggish and on edge at the same time lately. Perhaps I will try cutting back on coffee for a while.

So in the String Theory version of the path integral you don't sum over all possible paths but over all possible topologies the world sheet (= the surface the string traces as it moves through space and time) could take between start and end point. I bet topologists didn't see that coming when they invented their field.

Exercise hurts
Not exercising hurts
Why is pain the only option

My lush hair is getting longer and more annoying by the day

I should have a DSi somewhere but I haven't seen it in years

No game will ever top The Sims 2 for the Nintendo DS

I love that there is a Japanese band called Österreich

I deleted Reddit from my phone because it was a time sink (and also have become increasingly aware that their algorithms push corporate interests and not those of the people). But now I joined the fediverse and it is a new time sink...

Blew some compressed air in there and it works now? Let's see for how long

Touchpad suddenly doesn't work, and keyboard stops working too a few minutes after booting, even in a live USB environment. Wish I could repair my laptop but I have no idea what kind of hardware failure could cause this.

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