I don't really understand what Keybase is for. Does anyone feel like explaining like I'm a noddy?

@proteus abstract: keybase securely proves one person exists behind different accounts. You can do a lot with this basic tool, so keybase has many different features/tools. The developers implement more uses come out every year.

Simple example: how can I share a private file to you? I'd have to create a public dropbox share (or similar) and somehow get the URL to you without letting anyone else see the url. On mastodon and other services, admins can see private messages, so that's no good.

keybase solves this issue by letting me share a file to @proteus . If you have keybase, the file will just appear in a cloud storage folder that has both of our names on it.

Similarly, I can send you a private, encrypted chat message over keybase and I KNOW it goes to you. I couldn't make that assumption over any other service: you probably aren't proteus@twitter.

Further, I can send you, @proteus, money through keybase, and I can be confident the money is going only to you.

@proteus if I were to send you money through say, paypal, I would have to hope you didn't have a typo in your email or that someone didn't steal your account and gave me a false email to send money to.

Thank you for the comprehensive explanation!

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