That's not 'solved' at all.

Why did Falcon say that line about 'You said we were doing this for the show' and why did Mayumi make all that stuff up??

So your story is 'I went on holiday during term time and thought that made me exempt from schoolwork'?

I tweeted that my worst gig was Skindred, and the Skindred drummer fav'd it. Not sure how to feel about this.

(I like Skindred; it was just a shite gig.)

Do you ever think about how you might have had a perfectly benign interaction with someone in meatspace, and a negative one online with the same person without realising it? Or vice versa?

Like, a stranger might have held a door open for you and you cheerily thanked them, neither of you realising that you'd called them a Tory prick on Twitter that morning. Or you said 'watch it, cunt' to some clumsy clot in the pub, and earlier you'd liked their picture of a butterfly on Instagram.

I tried adding honey and banana to scrambled eggs. It was actually quite nice! But missing something. Probably sultanas or dates.

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That's an extremely confusing system and I don't blame the customer for not understanding.

Someone at work brought in crisps,so I mixed a bag of scampi Niknaks in with my packed lunch of Marmite pasta. Oo, lush.

Some eggs-periments I want to try:

Using mayonnaise instead of milk/cream in scrambled eggs. It's got a creamy texture, and it's already eggy, so it should work, right?

Adding some raisins and honey to scrambled eggs to make a little eggy pudding (not with mayonnaise).

Soy sauce eggs made with a marinade of Marmite instead of soy sauce.

I don't really understand what Keybase is for. Does anyone feel like explaining like I'm a noddy?

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